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Do you want to create your own personalised QR code with our tools to boost your idea? The MYQR QR generator can help you. Thanks to our work to facilitate the development and the wide range of tools we offer to make your ideas come true or get your business to expand
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Start by choosing what your QR will link to. Our platform supports a diverse range of content types such as PDFs, menus, videos, business cards, websites, apps, and more.

Customize Your Design

Personalize your QR code to match your brand or preference. Select colors, shapes, and styles, and decide what information it will carry to make your QR code stand out.

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Register and pay 0,5€ of our trial to unlock all the features. With this trial, you can fully experience the customization options and functionality of our annual plan.

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After creating your QR code, choose the format that best fits your needs (PDF, PNG, SVG, JPG), download it, and you're ready to print or display it digitally

Create, manage and
analyse your QR

A single QR code can open a portal to various types of digital content. At MYQR, we provide a vast array of options to connect your audience with your digital offerings.

What they think of MYQR

Kelly F

Super easy to use. I like the range of options to create a QR code. They can be simple or very professional.<

Agathe Pedersen

I love being able to edit the menu of the day that I offer in my restaurant in such an easy way. I used to spend a lot of paper every week to print the letter.

Michael F.

We wanted to give my father a photo album but we discovered this platform and created a QR for him to access all the photos just by putting the mobile camera on top of the code. He loved it !

Charles C.

I added a QR in my personal card of my company and thanks to it I can see the statistics of the scans that I have monthly and from where. I find it very practical.

Joseph L.

Highly recommended, configure the code to my liking so that people who enter my hostel could connect to the wifi without asking me for the password.

John Campbell

I was in a hurry and needed a qr code for my CV, just to do things differently, I surfed the net and found this site. Configure everything to my liking in a few minutes, I recommend.

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  • check Dynamic QR design.
  • check Unlimited scans.
  • check Complete QR analytics.
  • check QR editing and management
  • check CSV/XLSX data export.
  • check Variety of download formats.
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Enable all your QR designs by choosing the 14 day trial plan.

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All our plans include email support and high quality QR codes for printing.

Afterwards your subscription will be renewed to the yearly plan if not cancelled for 250,00 €/year.

Basic concepts of a QR Code

Simply put, they are used to store information and disseminate it in an instant, simple and even creative way. However, their use is associated only with the consumer and not so much with the seller. But we must be clear that in addition to disseminating information, it is also a great source of feedback.

Open the camera application on your device. Focus on the QR code: you will see that the content of the code appears on a small card (top area of the screen). Tap on the card and your device will open the content hidden in the QR code.

Like any other barcode, a QR code is intended to store information on an optical label that is readable by some kind of machine or device.

The main difference between a static and a dynamic QR Code is that static QR Codes do not allow modifications once they have been generated. This means that you will only have this scannable code to redirect to a single link. Dynamic QR Codes, on the other hand, can be edited at any time. This is why at MYQR we work exclusively with dynamic QR codes.

With MYQR you can not only generate custom QR codes, but you can also edit them to your liking whenever you want, track them to optimise your business, and perform daily analytics tracking.

Still have questions about QR codes?

Our FAQ section covers a wide range of common inquiries to help you understand and make the most of our services.